Happy Easter Card

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    happy easter card bow 3

This is an easy Easter card for the kids, in any grade, to make.  Because everyone can use the colors they want on the card, you’re sure to get many unique cards.  I used colored pencils to color this card, but crayons, watercolors, watercolor pencils or colored markers could be used.  The butterflies are left blank on the pattern so each individual can draw in face and wing features.

To give the greeting and the butterflies a shiny look, I used a small artist brush to apply a coat of Karo syrup.  I used a hair dryer set on low to hurry the drying process (it only took about two minutes this way), but the syrup will air dry given more time.


  • White Cardstock
  • Greeting (Pattern)
  • Colored pencils or color medium of choice
  • Black Sharpie, fine tip for adding features
  • Small artist brush
  • Small container, like a yogurt cup
  • Karo syrup (it takes very little, only put about a teaspoon full in the container)
  • Hair dryer, optional
  • Small ribbon bow, any color


  1. Print greeting on white cardstock.
  2. Fold the cardstock to make a card.
  3. Color the greeting and butterflies.  Add designs to the letters and features to the butterflies if you so desire.
  4. Use a small brush to apply Karo syrup to the lettering and butterflies.
  5. Let air dry or dry with a hair dryer set on low.
  6. Attach a ribbon bow with glue or a glue dot.
  7. Write a personal greeting on the inside of the card.

happy easter card-1happy easter card-no-bow1

The first picture is without the Karo syrup finish.

The second picture is with the Karo syrup, but without the ribbon.



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