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I am a volunteer art teacher, grades 1 through 6, at a Catholic elementary school.  I love kids and glitter—hence the name of the website.  In the first grade, we seem to do a lot of projects that include glitter or glitter glue.  Mrs. Miller, the 1st grade teacher, has taken to calling me the Glitter Queen.  I swear some of the glitter used at the beginning of the school year can still be vacuumed up in May.  But, we’re happy glitterers! 

As in many schools, we’re limited when it comes to the supplies available.  We have to change projects to use the supplies we have.  The challenge that this affords is sometimes what makes a project personal and unique.

 We also like to recycle.  My favorite recyclables are wire coat hangers, newspapers, wallpaper sample books, baby food jars, old maps, used greeting cards, brown paper sacks, etc., etc.  You name it and we’ll try to find a use for it.  I am very interested in new ways to use puzzle pieces.  I’ve seen the picture frames and ghost pins, but there have to be more uses than that. 

Getting back to the projects on this site, whenever possible I include patterns to keep the completion time within the one hour time limit.  These patterns are just an option. If I know that the project will take two or three art sessions to complete, I make a note of that with the project.

Just a note regarding the use of these Posts:

Feel free to use any of the projects for your own use or if you are a home schooling mom, a student teacher, a classroom teacher or an art teacher. If you use one of my projects on your blog or website, I ask you to reference my blog in your post.  I would love to see how you use or interpret the project.  Please do not “cut and paste” pages from my site to yours.

The school’s maintenance man, who really is a “Jack of all trades,” was kind enough to make us a cart to carry our art supplies to the classrooms.   I’m so proud of him and the cart that I’m including pictures of the cart.


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