jesus treeTo find art and craft projects for Lent and Easter, look in the Easter Gallery.  There are also projects in each of the different grade galleries.  Almost all of the projects could be used for any grade, sometimes with small changes.  The art shown above is included in the Easter Gallery, it is one of the Easter Art Project Drawings.

Check out our NEW project photo galleriesWe’re hoping that the galleries help you quickly find the projects you want.  Just hover over a photo in a gallery and you’ll see the name of the project.  Click on the photo and you are taken directly to the project page.

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radial design 4This is an exciting project for the students. Trace a circle shape on a piece of paper. The template included here will make a completed circle about eighteen inches in diameter. To make a smaller circle, trace a circle on a sheet of paper and cut it out. Then fold it in half, in fourths and then in eighths. One eighth (pie shape) will be the pattern for this project. Begin by giving each student one eighth of a circle for them to design.   This project is appropriate for any class, with a some changes.  You’ll find this, “Radial Designs,” project in the 5th  Grade Gallery in the sidebar.

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easter morning 10Alleluia, Jesus lives!    Be ready to celebrate Easter by making bright, joyous Easter art.  Any class can make this art project.  The upper classes can cut a circle to use as a template, and for the younger children, give them prepared circles.  The hills are torn from black construction paper and the crosses drawn in with black permanent marker.  The sky is colored using oil pastels.

Find the instructions for this project, “Easter Morning,” under  EASTER PROJECTS GALLERY in the sidebar.

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jesus tree 4Spring and Easter are near at hand, and I think it’s a great time to have a conversation with the students about appreciating all the gifts God has bestowed on us.  One of my favorite Bible quotes is, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24   God wants us to be happy and has given us a guide, words in the Bible, which will help us to be happy.    When we heed his words, our journey toward heaven becomes easier. The tutorial for this project, “Jesus Tree,” can be found in the 2nd Grade Gallery.


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georgia okeefe blue5Spring has sprung.  Or rather, we are getting very antsy for Spring to get here, so we’re making flowers to hurry things along.

Georgia O’Keefe is known for her close up paintings of flowers.  Close up, we notice that a red flower doesn’t have just red pedals, a combination of tints and hues of the color red can be distinguished.  We use a paper plate as a base for making our Georgia O’Keefe flower.  By using the paper plate, we are assured of getting a nice, very large flower. You’ll find this project,  Georgia O’Keefe Bloom in the 2nd Grade Gallery in the sidebar.

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coffee filter silhouettes 10The watercolor stained coffee filters make a beautiful background for these Lenten themed silhouettes.    There are three suggestions for making these silhouettes, taking into consideration the age of the students.  You can add sayings to the frames, or let them plain.  There are six different silhouettes included in the templates.

The instructions for this Lenten project, can be found in the 6th Grade Gallery in the sidebar.  Younger students would be able to do this project also.

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ash wednesday 7The ashes are a symbol of our sinfulness.  We are reminded that our bodies are but ash, and to ash it shall return.  Our soul is who we are, the part of us that will live after our death.   By dying on the cross, Jesus made reparation for our sins, so that our souls can get to Heaven.  Lent makes us aware that we can always begin again.  Lent is a season for us to think about how we should be living our lives.  A time for us to ponder the sacrifice Jesus made for us by dying on the cross, so that when we die, we can be with Him in Heaven.  Find this Lenten project in the 4th Grade Gallery in the sidebar.


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medicine bag-9-closedThe medicine man, or healer of a tribe, carried a medicine bag that contained many different items including herbs for healing.  The bag itself was thought to have special supernatural powers.  In many tribes, besides the medicine man, every male Indian had a personal medicine bag that carried items that were thought to give them special powers.  The items had special significance and were added over the man’s lifetime.  You’ll find the instructions for making this American Indian Medicine Bag under the 3rd Grade Category in the sidebar.     Click the image above for a closeup view.

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“Valentine…You make me feel like Dancing.”  That’s what our Valentine card says to the lucky person that receives it.  I’ve included this, “Dancing Hearts,” project under the 1st Grade tab in the sidebar.  If you click on the picture at the left, you’ll get a full view of the project.

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