As we go into this Lenten season, a time for reflection and sacrifice, we hope to deepen our relationship with God.
Giving up favorite foods, or enjoyable activities, is a choice of many. Others prefer to do good deeds for others. Whatever we choose, we do it to prepare our hearts and deepen our faith life.
During this time, doing art work that has a Lenten or Christian theme helps the children focus on their relationship with Jesus.
Lent is a challenging time that brings us closer to God, especially if we decide to make it so.

Check the projects shown in the Easter Projects Gallery for some ideas.  There are also Lenten projects listed in the different grade galleries.

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Funny Bunnies Tri-Fold Splitters

funny bunny 1This funny bunny mix and match art project was so much fun to put together, so I know the kids will really enjoy it. It only takes one sheet of construction paper and a little imagination, plus colored pencils, to make a fun and funny tri-fold splitter.   You’ll find this project, “Funny Bunnies Tri-fold Splitter,” in the Easter Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

Click on the image above for a close-up view.

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jesus, remember me 12One of the men crucified with Jesus admits that he deserved to be hung for his crimes, and said that Jesus had done nothing criminal and didn’t deserve to be crucified. We read in the gospel of Luke 24:42 Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”    Click the image for a close up view.

You’ll find this project, “Jesus, Remember Me” in the Easter Projects  Gallery in the sidebar.

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saints 12Children like to know how their name was chosen. If they were named after a Saint, they are especially interested in learning about the life of that Saint. When a person shares the same name as a saint, the saint is thought of as their patron saint.
There are some saints that we call on for specific needs. For instance, we ask St. Christopher to pray for our safety when traveling and St. Anthony when we look for a lost object. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and St Anthony the patron saint of lost items.
Just as we ask our family and friends to pray for us, we can also ask a saint to petition for us by praying to God on our behalf. Find the project for making My Patron Saint Wallet in the 3rd Grade Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

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teach me to pray 10Spontaneous prayer isn’t easy for everyone, but it becomes easier with practice. This prayer circle is meant to help express love and appreciation to our Heavenly Father, for all the gifts we receive daily. It reminds us to express our love for Him and to thank Him for the family and friends that He has blessed us with. Pray by asking for God’s help, to make right choices in all that we do and to always do His will. Thanking God for good things that happen, as they happen, make for good prayer habits. A quick, spontaneous prayer asking for help dealing with school subjects or disagreements among friends strengthens our relationship with Jesus.  Although this prayer circle is appropriate for any grade, you’ll find the directions for this, Teach Me To Pray, project in the 3rd Grade Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

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my holy week-4aThe Lenten season draws to an end with Holy Week, the final week before Easter. Making Holy Week memorable, as well as educational, is the thought behind this meditations book idea.
The cover and pages give the student an opportunity to personalize their booklet, while the Bible readings help them to think more deeply about the suffering and death of Jesus. The ruled, blank area of the pages is for jotting down the thoughts or prayers of the individual.  The templates and tutorial for this project, “My Holy Week Meditations” is found in the Easter Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

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easter eggs5easter eggs-blue a  easter eggs birds 4  easter eggs-and flowers

How would you like to make a beautiful, super bright and shiny, enamel looking when dry, stained glass, piece of art?   This has to be one of my all time favorite art projects. I love the bright colors and am always amazed at how easy, and inexpensive, the paints are to make and use.  The paints are made by mixing corn syrup, vinegar and food dye.   The vinegar cuts the sticky-syrupy consistency, but doesn’t change the enamel look when dry.  This project, “Faux Stained Glass Art,” is found in the HubPages Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

For a close-up of the images above, click the photos.

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Resurrection diorama3I think this would be a nice Holy Week project, getting ready for Easter Sunday. Although this diorama is made only with paper, it could be changed, depending on how much time you have, by making the tomb and stones of clay. Also, a few copies of the hills could be made, to make a middle group and a front group of hills. Maybe keep the hills separated by using self adhesive foam strips between them.  The tutorial for making this project, “Resurrection Diorama,” is found in the Easter Projects Gallery in the sidebar.  Click on the above image for a close up view.

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iPhone-9Well, not really. But….                                                                 Imagine what it would have been like if God had sent the Ten Commandments as a message by iPhone instead of written in stone. Sometimes memorizing the commandments is a bit difficult for children. Do you think it would be easier for them to learn if the Commandments were an app on the iPhone?
I saw this Ten Commandment iPhone idea on Pinterest, but there was no tutorial, or templates for the project. I really love this idea and decided to make a pattern to share with anyone interested.     You’ll find this Ten Commandment iPhone in the Easter Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

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