Funny Bunnies Tri-Fold Splitter

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funny bunny 1This funny bunny mix and match art project was so much fun to put together, so I know the kids will really enjoy it.

It only takes one sheet of construction paper and a little imagination, plus colored pencils, to make a fun and funny tri-fold splitter.


  • White construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Colored pencils

funny bunny 2funny bunny 3

Measure and make a light pencil mark at 4” and 8” along both sides of the construction paper. Fold the construction paper into three equal parts using the marks made along the edges.
Along the 9” side of the construction paper, make a mark at 2 ½” and 5.” Draw a light line across the paper over the fold lines.  On the two sides only, cut along the lines to the fold lines. This leaves the center fold whole, and the two side folds cut into three.


funny bunny 4funny bunny 7

Above:      Center bunny.

Draw a bunny in the center panel. The top (above the drawn line) draw the head of the bunny. Then middle is the torso area, and the bottom is the legs area. When drawing the second and third bunnies, make a small mark where the neck meets the torso and another where the torso meets the legs.  Color the bunnies, and then mix and match the heads, torsos and legs.


funny bunny 6To the left:  Outside bunnies.  The center bunny is on the opposite side of the paper.

funny bunny 12funny bunny 10

funny bunny 11aEaster Projects Gallery:


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