Easter Art Project Drawings

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peace dove2There are six Easter drawings included in this project.

The drawings can be used by any class and with a variety of different art supplies.

I have added suggestions and samples of a few ways to use the drawings, but I’m sure you’ll think of even better ways to use them.


  • Peace dove (Pattern)
  • Cross, sun and rays (Pattern)
  • Bread and fishes (Pattern)
  • Cross, cloud, sun (Pattern)
  • Bible and lily (Pattern)
  • Chalice, crown of thorns, cross (Pattern)
  • Construction paper
  • Tracing paper, white for dark colored construction paper
  • White drawing pencil
  • Artist brushes
  • Oil pastels, crayons, poster paint or craft paint, colored tissue paper, watercolor paints, gold paint, colored markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, colored chalk
  • White glue
  • Black Sharpie

The drawings can be used as coloring pages or for projects using other art supplies.  A few examples of how the drawings can be used are:

he is risen1. Trace the drawing on black construction paper, add lines (for a stained glass look) in the background and use oil pastels.



peace dove22.  Trace the drawing on black construction paper, paint the drawing with craft or poster paints, using a dry brush method,  and dry brush stroke the background with gold paint.  Highlight parts of the drawing with gold paint also.



bread and fishes3.  Print the drawing on white construction paper and use colored tissue paper to color the drawing and the background.



cross, rays, glitter24.  Trace the drawing on dark construction paper, or print on white or light paper.  Paint or color parts of the drawing, and then using slightly thinned white glue and an artist brush, brush the thinned glue over an area and sprinkle with glitter.


A coordinating or contrasting sheet of construction paper can be used to make matting around the outside of the finished art.


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