CD Bunny

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A cute hanging bunny made from CD discs, chenille strips, google eyes and pom-poms. What could be simpler and also a way to use old CD discs. These go together quickly and because the eyes, mouth and whiskers are put on by the kids, the resulting bunnies will have different appearances. I used pink pom-poms, but I think other pastel colors would be cute too.


  • Two CD discs
  • One 2″ Pink Pom-pom
  • One 1″ Pink Pom-pom
  • Two 1″ google eyes
  • Chenille strips (2-white, 1-pink)
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Tape
  • Glue dots
  • White glue
  • Black Sharpie


  1. Holding the three chenille strips together, fold in half and twist the three strips together at the center. Twist the ends of the strips to hold them together. Shape as bunny ears.
  2. Tie one end of the ribbonaround the twisted center of the chenille strips.
  3. On the printed side of one CD disc, tape the folded center of the chenille strips to the top edge of the CD.
  4. Adhere glue dots around the disc, making sure one is between the chenille ears. Place the second CD disc, printed side down over the taped and glue dotted first disc, making sure the edges are all even.
  5. With a small amount of glue on the pom-pom, place the 1″ pom-pom over the center hole of the CD and slightly push it through (the bunny nose.) Apply glue to the 2″ pom-pom and glue it over the opposite side CD hole. (the bunny tail.)
  6. Using glue dots, glue the google eyes to the front of the bunny, above the nose, below the ears.
  7. With the black Sharpie, Draw a mouth and whiskers on the bunny face.

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  1. Maria Helena says:

    Adorei essa proposta de trabalho.

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