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This is a little private journal for recording a “Lenten Journey to the Foot of the Cross.”  This little journal begins with four pages inside a cover and held together with a paper ring.  The pages can be left blank, or some suggestions to title the pages are:  Acts of Kindness; Prayers of Thanksgiving for; Prayers for Others; and I Give up this, today.  Extra pages can be kept on hand for anyone that might want extras right away or later.  Stress to the students that this should be a private journal for anyone that wishes it to be so.


  • White cardstock for the cover
  • Colored construction paper for pages
  • Hole punch
  • Hole protectors
  • Paper or key ring
  • Tag (Pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie
  • Black colored pencil


  1. Before starting the class, make lists on the blackboard of things that we can do for Lent.  Make a list for Acts of Kindness (clean up after dinner without being asked; reading to a younger brother or sister; helping a sibling with homework; visiting a nursing home).  Prayers for Others: (someone who lives alone; the parish priest; family members; for someone you don’t like).  Prayers of Thanksgiving for: (your family;  friends;  church; school; teachers; food; education).  I Give up this, today:  (TV for a day; one dessert; a can of pop) the kids will be able to add more suggestions as you go along.
  2. Carefully cut out the covers and pages for the journal.
  3. Write on the cover, with the black Sharpie, “My Journey to the Foot of the Cross.”
  4. With the black pencil (the marker will bleed through the construction paper), write titles on each of the pages within the covers.
  5. Punch holes where indicated with a hole punch.  Put hole protectors on each side of the page.
  6. Thread the pages onto the paper or key ring.

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