Torn Paper Lenten Scene

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The Lenten season reminds us of the extreme suffering that Jesus offered up for our sins. This art project is meant to help us focus on this season of preparation for Easter. I saw some clip art that gave me the idea for this project. A Solitary Cross is glued on a background of torn, colored, paper strips. Rays off the cross are drawn with oil pastels and blended out, using your finger.


  • One full sheet of lavender construction paper
  • Torn lengthwise strips of colored construction paper (I used green, light blue, red, orange and black.)
  • Brown or tan paper for the cross
  • Glue stick
  • Black Sharpie


  1. Use the full sheet of lavender paper as the background.
  2. Tear a strip of blue paper (about 3-3 ½ w”ide) and glue to the background with the top edges even.
  3. Tear a strip of green paper (about 2″ wide) and glue over the blue strip with the top edges even.
  4. Tear a strip of red paper (about 3 ½ -4″ wide) and glue to the bottom of the lavender sheet. There should be about a 2 strip of lavender showing.
  5. Tear a strip of orange paper (about 3″ wide) and glue it over the red strip with the bottom edges even.
  6. Tear a strip of black paper (about 1-1/2″wide) and glue it over the orange strip. Tear a couple of shorter, narrow strips of red paper and glue them over the orange strip to form a range of hills.
  7. With the black Sharpie, carefully outline the torn edges of all the colored strips.
  8. From the brown paper, tear a cross shape. Glue to the center of the picture and outline with the black Sharpie.
  9. With brown oil pastel, draw lines inside the cross. Using brown, green and blue oil pastels draw rays out from the cross. Then using your finger, blend the colors always using outward strokes.
  10. Using white oil pastel, make short ray marks immediately around the cross.
  11. Optional: Glue the picture on a 10 x 13″ sheet of white paper.

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