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You were probably really thankful for that CD when it was new and useful, but now you just want to use it for something else instead of tossing it. Here’s your chance to show your thanks again; once for finding a use for it and once for expressing the holiday. The feathers are printed on white paper. I decorated it with glitter glue, but the feathers could be colored instead. Or maybe you have wallpaper sheets to use for the feathers, or colored construction paper. Also different colors of background would get different results. I love to use glitter, mostly because the kids love it, but that is definitely an option. A choice of google eye sizes would be good. Of course a kid or two will probably want to do two sizes on their turkey definitely gives unique results.


  • CD disc
  • Assorted colors of construction paper
  • Turkey feathers (Pattern)
  • Turkey head (Pattern)
  • Turkey feet (Pattern)
  • Turkey beak (Pattern)
  • Turkey wattle (Pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Google eyes (size an option)
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter glue


  1. Cut out the turkey pieces. Glue two of the star points on each of the feet, and glue them to the back of the disc.
  2. Glue the head to the disc, making sure that the center of the v covers disc hole.
  3. Glue the beak to the wattle and then to the head. Glue google eyes to the head.
  4. Center and glue the feathers to the background paper with about ½” space above the feathers.
  5. Glue the turkey to the feathers so the feet are still on the paper at the bottom.
  6. Use glitter glue to decorate the turkey and to write a message. Or use a black marker to write the message.

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  1. tanis says:

    this is so adorable..have made different jungle animals and snowmen out of cd discs but didnt think about the loveable turkey. I teach preschool and i believe my students would love to make this and take this home to their parents..

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