Pilgrim Wreath

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A wire coat hanger, a brown grocery bag and puzzle pieces are the basic supplies in this Thanksgiving project.


  • Wire coat hanger
  • Brown grocery bag
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Pilgrim and sign (Pattern)
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or hot glue


  1. Shape the wire coat hanger into a circle.
  2. Cut or tear strips of brown grocery sack into two inch widths. Poke one end of a strip over the hook and then start winding the strip around the hanger wire, overlapping preceding wrap. Tape when starting a new strip. It takes three strips to go around the wire circle one time. Wrap the wire circle again as you did the first wrapping. Tape closed when finished wrapping the second time.
  3. Bend the hook down into a loop for hanging.
  4. With either a glue stick or a glue gun (this works best), glue one row of puzzle pieces around the covered circle. Glue the second row of puzzle pieces over the first row covering some of the gaps left by the first round.
  5. Color and cut out the pilgrims and the sign.
  6. Glue the pilgrims, one on each side of the wreath.  Glue the sign across the top of the wreath.

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3 Responses to Pilgrim Wreath

  1. GlitterQueen says:

    Thank you Kathleen for the great tips.

  2. kathleen says:

    Like the Pilgrim Wreath idea. I run a arts/crafts group for individuals with disabilities, so this is a great project for them. Instead of the wire hanger which can be a problem for some of the individuals I am going to use mat board cut on the shape of a wreath. I do professional picture framing on the side so I end up with lots of scraps. However others could go to a local picture framing shop and ask if they are throwing out any scraps. See if they have some big enough pieces (you’ll be amazed at what some places throw out) or buy a damaged mat board at a art store and ask for a discount because of the damage.

  3. Valerie Kisamore says:

    All of these crafts are lovely. Will make most of them 🙂

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