Calendar Cone Bunny

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Although this project could be made with construction paper or even wallpaper, I think calendar pages are the perfect weight for this sitting bunny. If you haven’t been using glue dots, this is a great time to use them.


  • Calendar pages
  • White construction paper
  • Assorted colors construction paper, cut in ¾” x 12″ strips
  • Cardboard to make stencils
  • Bunny head and arms (Pattern)
  • Bunny body and feet stencil (Pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots
  • Crayons or colored markers
  • Three buttons (optional)


  1. Make stencils for the bunny body and feet from the pattern.
  2. Using the stencil, outline the body and feet on a calendar page and cut them out.
  3. Put three glue dots on one edge of the body, roll into a cone, overlap and adhere to the other edge.
  4. Color the bunny head and arms. Cut them out and then color the back side of the arms to correspond with the first side. Put three glue dots along the center back of the arms and with the pointed side to the top, glue the arms to the back seam of the body.
  5. Put three glue dots on the back side of the bow tie and adhere the head to the front top of the body.
  6. Choose colored construction paper strips to coordinate with the calendar picture colors and accordion pleat the leg strips. Glue the calendar feet to one end of the strip with a glue dot. Put a glue dot on the opposite end of the strip and glue it to the inside front of the body cone.
  7. Put a glue dot on the back side of three buttons and glue them to the front of the bunny.

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