Bunny Family

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In this 3rd Grade project we find that the Bunny family is posing for a family picture and we have caught them in the act. Spring flowers and decorated Easter eggs make the family picture a keeper. We start out with five large circles and go step-by-step to make our drawing. There is just enough direction to give the kids ideas, but no real rules. I’m looking forward to doing this with the kids and will post pictures when I do.


  • White construction paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Black Sharpie
  • Colored pencils
  • Scrap paper


  1. Lightly draw five large circles on the paper.
  2. Draw eyes in the top half of each circle. Under the eyes draw a triangle shape for the nose. Draw a line down from the nose and make fish hook shapes at the end of the line, the bunny’s smile. Make eyebrows and cheeks.
  3. Draw bodies for the bunnies, keeping in mind that some part of the body may be hidden behind one of the other bunnies. Add arms or paws to the bunnies. Add bunny ears.
  4. On the scrap paper, draw an egg shape to use as a pattern put eggs between the bunnies. Remember that where the eggs overlap each other or are hidden behind the bunnies, that no lines are drawn through the bunnies. Decorate the eggs.
  5. Add flowers, stems and leaves to fill in the background.  Bunnies can be holding flowers or eggs  Add bees or birds.
  6. Outline all the drawn lines with the black Sharpie.
  7. Color with colored pencils.


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