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georgia okeefe blue5 Spring has sprung.  Or rather, we are getting very antsy for Spring to get here, so we’re making flowers to hurry things along.
Georgia O’Keefe is known for her close up paintings of flowers.  Close up, we notice that a red flower doesn’t have just red pedals, a combination of tints and hues of the color red can be distinguished.  We use a paper plate as a base for making our Georgia O’Keefe flower.  By using the paper plate, we are assured of getting a nice, very large flower.

  • Supplies
  • Paper plate
  • Colored tissue paper
  • White glue
  • Paint, optional
  • Scissors

georgia okeefe flowers 4Photo 1:  Paint the paper plate in a green color and let it dry.  This will look nice if, by chance, a bit of the plate shows when you are finished with the flower.

Choose the color that you want to make your flower.  Pick two or three shades of the color.  Choose a sheet of green to make leaves, and brown, black or yellow for the center of the flower.

georgia okeefe bluegeorgia okeefe blue1Cut or tear petal shapes from the flower colored tissue paper.  Apply white glue to an area around the outer edge of the plate. Slightly crumble the tissue paper and place it on the glue.  Work around the outside of the plate, and then towards the center.  Cut or tear the pedals a little smaller as you work toward the center of the plate.

georgia okeefe blue2georgia okeefe blue3 georgia okeefe blue4                                    Tear a center for the flower from green or a color of  your choice.  Tear small pieces of tissue paper to roll into small balls for the center of the flower.  Tear leaves from green tissue and attach to flower.

Choose a 12” x 18” construction paper background to tape or glue your flower to.  Try different background colors.  Notice how some colors make your flower “pop,” and other colors “lose” your flower.

georgia okeefe blue5georgia okeefe flowers

georgia okeefe flowers 2

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