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A painting by Jennifer Bartlett called “Earth Fireworks” is the inspiration for this  project. The cityscape pattern is Cricut friendly. The program used is Sure Cuts A Lot (Lot 2).  The Cricutwill cut the pattern pieces for you or you can make copies of the pattern on card stock and cut them.  The cityscape pattern, included in the supplies list below, can easily be copied and hand cut for this project.


Sure Cuts A Lot 2, or the newest version 3, is not compatible with the newer Cricut machines. So if you want to use the Sure Cuts A Lot 1 or 2, or the version 3, which is the newest version, you will need a cutting machine which will use the SCAL software. Please check my home page for more info.


  • Black construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Black and yellow crayons
  • White chalk
  • Hairspray
  • Oil pastels
  • Glitter glue
  • Kleenex
  • Cityscape template (Pattern)


  1. Lay the cityscape template on one narrow edge of the black paper. Trace above the city shape with a pencil.  Draw windows in the building.
  2. With a black crayon, trace over the city outline and around the windows.  Color in the buildings with the black crayon and color the windows yellow.
  3. Lay the template over the buildings, then using white chalk, make a few swipes across the paper above the template. Use the side of the chalk so the swipes are wide. Using your finger or a Kleenex, wipe the white chalk down over the template (the template protects the buildings from the chalk.)
  4. Lightly spray over the chalk with hairspray to set it.
  5. With the oil pastels, make 8 to 10 dots anywhere in the sky. Draw lines out from each dot, creating a starburst effect. Use small dashes and squiggly lines.
  6. With the glitter glue, run a thin line along the edges of the dashes and squiggles. Dot the dots with glitter glue.

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