Bunny Egg-spress

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Our egg shaped bunny is attached to a large hanging egg—the Bunny Egg-spress.  Both sides of our hanging bunny are finished—one one side is a boy bunny and on the other side a little girl bunny.  If only one side of the bunny is finished, a group of them would make a cute bulletin board, “On our way to Easter on the Bunny Egg-spress.”  The boys could make the bunnies with the cap, and the girls the ones with a bow.


  • White construction paper
  • Large egg (Pattern)
  • Bunny (Pattern)
  • Pencil
  • Colors or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Yarn
  • Paper punch
  • Google eyes


  1. Print out one large egg and two of the bunny pattern for a hanging project.  Use one large egg and only one of the bunny pattern for a bulletin board or card.
  2. Draw designs on the large egg, on both sides, for the hanging project and only one side for a bulletin board or card.  Color the egg.
  3. Color the bottom of the feet, inside the ears and the heart nose.  Color the cap or the bow.
  4. Carefully cut out the large egg and the bunny parts.  Glue the bunny body to the large egg, about an inch from the bottom.  Glue the ears behind the egg; glue the feet to the bunny; glue the heart nose and the google eyes to the bunny.  Add  the cap or the bow below the ears.
  5. For the hanging bunny, punch a hole at the top of the large egg.  Tie on the piece of yarn and hang.
  6. For a card, glue the finished bunny on a colored piece of construction paper and write around the picture.  One suggestion for the writing—“I’m egg-cited–Happy Easter.”

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