Turkey Headband

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See a classroom of turkeys when the 1st  grade finish this craft project.



  • Brown construction paper cut 2″ x 18″ (one per headband)
  • Orange construction paper cut in 1” x 9” pieces (two per headband)
  • White copies of the turkey head and feet (Pattern)
  • Assorted colors of handprints (5 per headband) (Pattern)


  1.  Color and cut out the turkey head
  2.  Accordion pleat the orange strips for the turkey legs.
  3.  Color and cut out the turkey feet.  Glue the back of the feet to one end of each orange strip.
  4. Teachers:  While the students are coloring, size the large brown strips to fit the students head, and staple the ends.
  5. Glue the turkey head to the center front of the headband.
  6.  Glue or staple legs/feet to the inside front of the headband, the legs dangle down on the sides of the child’s face.
  7. Glue or staple the handprints to the back of the headband (feathers) 

If time permits, draw around each child’s hand, (five times on five different colors of paper), to give the project a more personal touch.

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