Tissue Paper Turkey

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With all the colors of tissue paper, a lot of different looks can be achieved with this project. The tissue is torn and glued to the background that has been prepared by using colored chalk.


  • White construction paper
  • Colored chalk
  • Kleenex
  • Hairspray
  • Brown, orange and red construction paper
  • Turkey body (Pattern)
  • Turkey feet and beak (Pattern)
  • Turkey wattle (Pattern)
  • Two 1/2″ google eyes
  • White glue
  • Brush
  • Assorted colors of tissue paper
  • Glue dots


  1. Prepare the background by swiping across the paper with the colored chalk. Use more than one color and blend by wiping with a Kleenex. Give a light spray of hairspray over the chalk to set it.
  2. Draw a circle in the bottom half of the background paper. Make a dot in the center.
  3. Tear a variety of colors of tissue paper into strips. Starting at the center of the drawn circle, squeeze some glue in the circle, spead it with the brush, lay a tissue strip on top and smooth the strip down with the brush. Continue around the circle, spreading glue, laying a strip of tissue and smoothing. The strips should resemble turkey feathers somewhat. Set aside to dry.
  4. While the tissue is drying, cut out the turkey body, feet, beak, and wattle.
  5. Glue the google eyes, beak, feet and wattle to the narrower end of the turkey body.
  6. Glue the turkey to the tissue feathers. Let dry thoroughtly.

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