Pony Bead Fish Necklace

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Some years ago I saw a version of this on Kaboose and thought the pony bead fish would make an appropriate project for Lent. The 1st graders made necklaces from the pony bead fish.

In the early days of Christianity, Christians were persecuted or even put to death because of their faith in Jesus Christ. So they devised a secret code that would identify themselves as Christian. One person would draw half a fish, and then if the other person was also a Christian, he would complete the fish drawing. The fish symbol was created using the Greek letters that spell out ICHTHUS (ik-thoos). The acronym ICHTHUS means “Jesus Christ God’s Son Saviour.


  • 41 same colored pony beads
  • Chenille strip the same color as beads
  • 36″ cord
  • Glue gun


  1. Bend the chenille strip in half. Thread a pony bead into the bend; this is the nose of the fish.
  2. Thread 15 beads on each side of the nose and then twist the two sides of chenille strip to hold the beads in place, this is the fish body.
  3. Add 5 beads to the ends of the chenille strips and fold the ends of the strips toward the beads. Touch with a drop of glue from glue gun to make secure.
  4. Shape into a fish shape.
  5. Fold the cord in half, lay the loop on the back side of the fish, thread the ends of the cord through the loop and pull tight. The loop should be behind the 8th bead from the nose. Make a knot on the end of the cords to form the necklace.

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