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This project is so much fun.  We’re making lady-bug buds on a bush.  That’s kind of a tongue twister, but you get the idea.  Although I used a variety of colors for the lady bugs in my sample, I think … Continue reading

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I believe that it was on Artsonia that I saw a project like this a couple of years ago and thought it was a great lesson for the kids.  The class started this  by discussing how we know an animal is running in … Continue reading

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There are similar project as this, using watercolors instead of the colored chalk to bring out the spider web.  Either method will work, it’s mostly a matter of the drying time needed with the watercolors.   We’re using colored chalk for this, although … Continue reading

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Drawing, tracing, cutting and gluing are all skills used in this 2nd grade project.  First the students draw a figure, (maybe a football player, a dancer, an angel, etc.)making sure that the arms and legs aren’t too skinny to cut … Continue reading

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This is a very nice project for the 3rd grade that, with a little preparation, can be finished in an hour session.  In order to keep this art project from taking too much class time, I prepared the brown grocery … Continue reading

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We have tried other background colors, but lavender construction paper seems to work best in this project.  We use black crayon for the cityscape or landscape and then colored chalk for the storm.  Hairspray keeps the chalk in place. We call … Continue reading

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This is a little private journal for recording a “Lenten Journey to the Foot of the Cross.”  This little journal begins with four pages inside a cover and held together with a paper ring.  The pages can be left blank, … Continue reading

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Artist, Marlene Healey, uses elegant colors, textures and basic shapes to create her paintings.  She creates depth with overlapping lines and texture.  We attempt to recreate her style with circles, lines and colored pencils.  We call this project, “Near and Far Circles.”  … Continue reading

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