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Some interesting facts about totem poles: Indian tribes of the Pacific Northeast Coast—Washington state in the USA, British Columbia in Canada, and some tribes in Alaska shared in an ancient tradition of totem poles.   Totem poles may depict legends, historic … Continue reading

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This is a very nice project for the 3rd grade that, with a little preparation, can be finished in an hour session.  In order to keep this art project from taking too much class time, I prepared the brown grocery … Continue reading

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The Huichol Indians, who live in a distant part of Mexico, illustrate their religious beliefs in beautifully designed yarn paintings called “Nearika.”  A traditional Huichol representation is that of the deified face of the sun, the Giver of Life.  The … Continue reading

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Arpilleras  are  intricately  detailed  hand  sewn  textile pictures.   Each  piece  illustrates  some  aspect  of  daily  life for the women  of  the  Andes.   The  arpillera,   in  an  array of  colors ,  tells  the  story  of  the  country  markets  where locals  come  … Continue reading

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