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Tropical fish, in pictures anyway, always seem to have bright, beautiful coloring. Since calendar pictures are also bright and glossy, they seemed to be the perfect scales for our fish. So, this project uses calendar pictures, colored markers, chalk, glue … Continue reading

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In February we start to seriously think about the coming of warmer weather and Spring. Of course that means April showers and usually wind. We give our cloud and raindrops a 3-D effect by folding and allowing part of the … Continue reading

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As many different kids there are in the classroom, thats how many different starbursts you get. The kids and I decided these looked like what we would imagine prehistoric birds looked like so we added a head—and in some instances … Continue reading

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Imagine the colors and designs that make up a quilt block. We took a drawn image and drew in the designs and then colored them. There are a lot of free coloring pages online that would work well. Size them … Continue reading

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Retablos were wooden boxes that depicted scenes of historical, religious or important everyday events in the lives of the native peoples of Peru. Originally they were small highly decorated wooden boxes with complex Christian-theme images inside (Nativities, Crucifixion, Last Supper). … Continue reading

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One of the interesting things I learned about Romero Britta, when I looked up his biography, is the fact that when he started painting he painted on scraps of cardboard and newspaper. Britta’s optimistic, fun-loving approach to life is reflected … Continue reading

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