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Idioms are phrases that say one thing but mean something else. They are a little like puzzles: try imagining a picture or a situation that the phrase suggests and then draw what you hear, not what the true meaning is. … Continue reading

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all…….,well, what if….?  The Second through the Sixth grades played this game by drawing a picture of what they imagined it would be like if certain strange things happened.  Everyone chose a “What if…?” from … Continue reading

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This is our “Tropical Beauty” project.  I love this for it’s bright, bold colors.  First we practiced drawing parrots—-I’ve included a website address that has an easy lesson on how to draw a parrot.  The background is done in colored … Continue reading

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I saw an acrylic painting, called “Abstract Dandelion,” by an artist who sells her paintings on an Etsy site at M.Schöneberg. This painting made me wonder what everyday item could be used to make the finely grouped lines needed to … Continue reading

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This brightly colored cornucopia project is an example of a bountiful harvest.  I’ve included a sheet of fruit shapes in this project, but another choice would be for the kids to draw their own fruits.  The fruits could also be … Continue reading

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Stressing the real reason for the Christmas season, we’ve made a project call “God’s Gift Wreath.”  A cardboard wreath is the basis of this project.  The outside circle diameter is 8” and the inside circle is 4 ½”. This is an easy … Continue reading

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You were probably really thankful for that CD when it was new and useful, but now you just want to use it for something else instead of tossing it.  Here’s your chance to show your thanks again; once for finding … Continue reading

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After Thanksgiving dinner, we just want to sit because we’re so stuffed.  Last year the 4th graders made these turkeys.  Some of them really look uncomfortable. There are more pictures of these turkeys….enjoy.  For the supply list and directions for this … Continue reading

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