Tube Angel

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This angel would look great standing tall and stately on the mantel. There are all sorts of opportunities to change the looks of the angel. Draw a singing mouth, put a print in the bodice, have colored wings, a plain skirt with beads added, or maybe add feathers. The possibilities are endless.


  • Paper towel tube
  • White cardstock
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Angel head (Pattern)
  • Angel wings (Pattern)
  • Crayons or colored markers
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue or glue stick
  • Glitter glue (silver, gold, iridescent)


  1. Cut a piece of Christmas wrapping paper 8″ x 13″. Fold under 1″ on each end (or fold to fit the ends of the tube. Fold one of the long ends under 1″. Glue the strip to the tube, making sure the ends are even with the tube ends and overlapping the folded long end.
  2. Cut two slits (directly opposite each other) 2″ down from the top of the tube. The angel bodice/wing will fit down in the slits.
  3. Color the angel head and bodice to reflect colors of the Christmas wrap skirt. Color the area inside the halo with dark blue. Cut out the head and wings.
  4. Glue the bodice to the wings matching the bottom center of the wings with the bottom of the bodice. Fit the wings/head/bodice into the slits of the tube skirt.
  5. With gold glitter glue, outline the halo and any other gold areas found on the bodice and skirt. Use silver glitter glue on the wings and any other suitable areas. Use iridescent glitter on other colored areas you wish to accent. Let dry.

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