Snow Wreath

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The simplicity of this wreath is its beauty. A very easy project, but it has such an elegant look. The measurements of the cardboard wreath are as follows: the outside circle diameter is 8″ and the inside circle is 4 ½”. Make it larger or smaller, it’ll be beautiful.


  • Cardboard wreath
  • Kleenex (takes about 7 sheets per wreath)
  • Paper clip
  • Tape
  • White glue
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Christmas bow
  • Package of sequins (assorted shapes and colors)


  1. Tear the sheets of Kleenex into workable pieces, not too small.
  2. Tape a paper clip to the back of the wreath for hanging.
  3. Spread white glue on a section of the cardboard wreath. With the eraser end of the pencil, slide a piece of Kleenex through the glue and bunch together. Continue around the wreath, spreading glue, sliding the Kleenex through the glue and up to the already glued area. Make sure the cardboard is covered.
  4. Attach a Christmas bow to the top center of the wreath. Glue snowflake, round or sequins of your choice randomly around the wreath.

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