Snow Buddy

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It was so much fun making the Kleenex wreaths that I had to try a snowman with the same procedure. A short ketchup bottle (the kind that sits upside down) and Kleenex are the basis for this snowman. A few black beads for eyes and mouth, a painted toothpick for a nose and colored buttons are a few of the other supplies.


  • 20 oz. short, wide mouth ketchup bottle
  • Kleenex (about 12 sheets per snowman)
  • White glue
  • Black beads for eyes and mouth
  • Piece of toothpick painted orange
  • Three colored buttons
  • Old sock with toe cut off and tied for stocking cap
  • Wired silver star garland (optional)


  1. Wash ketchup bottle and put bottle cap back on.
  2. Tear the Kleenex into pieces, not too small. Starting at the bottom of the bottle, spread glue over a section of the bottle and place pieces of Kleenex over the glue and then push together to form a clump. Add glue and pieces of Kleenex until you have the whole bottle and lid covered.
  3. Fold the top of the sock down two times to form a cuff for the stocking cap. Cut the toe off the sock, gather together and tie a string about two inches from the cut edge. Slide the cap over the top of the snowman.
  4. Glue black beads for the eyes and mouth. Glue the piece of painted toothpick above the mouth.  Glue three buttons down the front of the snowman.
  5. Optional: Place the wired star garland around the snowman.

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