Penguin Treat Box

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Like snowmen, penguins are a winter project, rather than a Christmas project. These little guys are made with half pint milk cartons, which there are an abundance of at school.


  • ½ pint milk carton
  • 3″ x 10 ½” strip of black construction paper
  • Black, white and orange construction paper
  • Penguin face and front (Pattern)
  • Penguin feet (two choices) and beaks (Pattern)
  • Penguin wings (Pattern)
  • Black Sharpie
  • 7 ½” piece of pipe cleaner
  • 2 small colored pom-poms
  • Iridescent grass filler
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paper punch


  1. Cut the top off the milk carton. Overlap and glue the 3″ x 10 ½” strip of black construction paper around the milk carton, making sure the bottom is even with the carton bottom.
  2. Cut the penguin pieces out. Glue the white face and front to the front of the milk carton. Glue the beak ¼”to ½” below the v on the face.
  3. With the black Sharpie, draw eyes above the beak.
  4. Glue the wings to the side of the penguin. Try different positions for variety.
  5. Choose which feet you want for your penguin and glue them on.
  6. With the paper punch, make a hole on each side of the penguin head. Fold ½” up on each end of the pipe cleaner, hook the ends through the side holes and pinch tight.
  7. Glue a small pom-pom the pipe cleaner filled holes. So it looks like ear muffs.
  8. Add a hand full of iridescent grass to the treat box and fill with goodies.

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