Christmas Card Ornaments

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We’re always looking for ways to use the Christmas cards that folks are kind enough to give us. They are just too beautiful to throw away, but what to do with them. Here is such an easy project that it almost doesn’t seem worthy of publication. But, because I think they’re pretty nice, I’m going to give you a chance to decide on your own what you think. Narrow wired ribbon would probably work instead of the wired garland. Tassels hanging from the bottom of the ornament with a ribbon loop on top would also be a suggestion.


  • Christmas cards
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Glue gun
  • Wired star garland (about 22″ or sized for ornament)


  1. Fold the front of the Christmas card in half lengthwise. Then fold each of the sections made in half again. Cut the back of the card off the front, leaving about an inch of the back on.
  2. Fold, about an inch, across the card on the top and bottom. Cut at the folds, just through the inch folded down. Cut the square made, off the card back piece.
  3. Overlap the card back inch and glue the card together to make box. Fold the cut end pieces together and glue.
  4. Â With hot glue, glue one end of the wired garland to the bottom of the ornament. Wrap the wired garland around the ornament a couple of times and hot glue to the top of the box, leaving enough wire to make a hanger.

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