The Three Kings

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The three kings, traveling by night and following a bright star, arrived in Bethlehem.  When they found Jesus, cuddled in Mary’s arms, they fell to their knees and worshiped him.  They brought expensive gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

That night, while they were sleeping, each had a dream telling them not to report back to Herod because Herod had plans to have the baby killed.  Herod was afraid that the baby would become more important than he was.  The kings went home using a different route.

This project depicts the journey of the three kings.


  • Two sheets of black construction paper
  • Two sheets of white construction paper
  • Three kings images (Pattern)
  • Star (Pattern)
  • Gold craft paint
  • Artist brush
  • Colored markers and colored pencils
  • Glue stick


  1. On white construction paper, print copies of the three kings and the star.
  2. On one sheet of the black construction paper, brush random streaks of gold across the paper.  I brushed diagonal strokes using the brush and a small amount of gold paint.  Cover the star, printed on white paper, with gold paint.  Let dry.
  3. Draw prints on the kings gowns, if desired.  Use flesh colored pencil to color the kings faces and hands.  Use colored markers for the kings gowns.  Carefully cut out the three king images.
  4. When the gold enhanced black paper is dry, glue the king images onto the paper.  Cut out the star and glue it to the paper also.  Glue the second sheet of black paper to the back of the picture to help make the paper lay flat and make it sturdy.
  5. Optional:  Use a small artist brush to paint, with gold, over the king’s crowns, gifts, and to accent parts of the gowns.  Use a black Sharpie to outline the crowns and gifts.

Project before the gold paint was added to the crowns, gifts and gowns.



With the gold accents.




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