Abstract Art ala Van Gogh

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In our quest to imitate the abstract art of Van Gogh, we print sections of a drawing.  Each section will be treated as an individual piece of stained glass.  The student, after receiving a section showing random black marks on it, colors the spaces on the paper with oil pastels.  Each section is a piece of abstract art, in and of itself, and can be displayed as such.

 Later, the sections are correctly assembled and together become an amazing portrait of Mary and Jesus.

Sixteen sections of a large (32” x 41” completed) picture of Mary and Jesus is printed on sheets of paper.  Each student receives one sheet to color with oil pastels.



  1. Each student receives a section of the drawing.
  2. With oil pastel, completely color in each space, using colors of your choice.
  3. With Q-tips, blend the individual colors so no white areas are visible and the spaces take on a stained glass appearance.  The Q-tips work best if used slightly on the side, rather than on the end of the swab.  Be sure to use fresh Q-tips as needed and when changing colors.  Take your time when blending for an exceptional piece of abstract art.

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