Happy Feet

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I’m a big kid at heart when it comes to loving the penguins in the movie, Happy Feet.  This is a project for the 1st Grade art class, but I can see younger and older ones doing it as well.

The bodies of the penguins are torn from black construction paper, as are the breast, wings, feet and beaks.  Lots of opportunities for variety in this project.  Be sure to praise the finished works of art.


  • Blue construction paper
  • Scraps of black, white and orange paper
  • Google eyes
  • Glue stick
  • White cotton balls
  • Black Sharpie
  • White pencil or crayon
  • White glue
  • Silver glitter


  1. Tear a long strip of white construction paper, about two inches wide.  Glue to the bottom of the blue sheet of construction paper for the look of an iceberg.
  2. Tear three black egg shapes, about the size of a fist, for the penguin bodies.  Don’t get too fussy about the shape, maybe some penguins can be thinner and taller.
  3. Tear three egg shapes, smaller than the black ones for the penguin breasts.  Glue a white shape to a black shape, leaving a small amount of black showing at the bottom.
  4. Tear a “B” shape from orange paper for the penguin feet.  Glue to the bottom, backside of the penguin body.  Tear small corner pieces of orange paper for a beak.  Center and glue the  beak over the breast, where the white and black meet.
  5. Glue the penguins to the blue paper, above but not touching the white iceberg paper.
  6. Glue google eyes to the penguins.
  7. Tear small wings from the black paper and glue to the penguins.  If you position the wings up and out, it makes the penguins look like they are dancing.
  8. Pull cotton balls apart and glue them to the iceberg.
  9. Make white dots with a white pencil or white crayon for falling snow.
  10. Draw musical notes in the air with the black Sharpie.
  11. Draw thin lines over the musical notes with white glue and sprinkle with silver glitter.

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2 Responses to Happy Feet

  1. Betty Rivera says:

    Thank you for these great projects! Our 5th and 6th graders really enjoyed the
    Moonlit Snow Flurries project. Working with just the 2 colors, black and white in oil pastel and the use of chalk was simple yet very nice for texture. They had a great time spattering the glue/paint mixture and adding the glitter! The students did a great job!!

  2. Rebecca Haensly says:

    Too cute! I am saving this for next Dec. when we do our penguin unit. Thank you!

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