Barns in Graphite

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While looking at works of art on the web, I came across some beautiful graphite pencil art by Debbie Adams.   She has a website at that shows her art.  Debbie Adams also paints in oil and watercolor.  But, I love her pencil drawings of barns.  She has some important drawing tips on this site also.  I made a Power Point presentation of her works to show the 6th grade. I’ve included the Powerpoint in the supplies list, but it takes a few seconds for it to download.  I made one copy of a picture for each of the students and they used the picture as inspiration to draw a picture of their own. This project takes two to three hour long classes to complete.  All the pictures shown were done by the 6th Grade students.


  • Debbie Adams art (Powerpoint)
  • White paper
  • Graphite drawing pencils (B2,  B4, B6)
  • Soft eraser
  • Cotton Q-tips
  • Scrap paper for practice
  • Scrap paper to protect drawing from hand smudges
  • Copy of picture
  • Hair spray


1.     On the scrap paper practice making lines and shadows with the soft pencils, and smudge the lines with the cotton Q-tips.  Discuss some of the drawing tips from the Debbie Adams site.

2.     Using the picture as inspiration, draw your picture.

3.      Spray the completed picture with a fine coat of hair spray to set the graphite.

4.     Optional:  We glued the pictures to a 12” x 18” piece of black construction paper.  Very outstanding project!

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