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From this site, , I made a Power Point presentation that the kids enjoyed. I’ve included the presentation, but it takes a few seconds for it to download. After viewing “rooster” themed art by various artists, we discussed how their styles are the same and how they differ. They noticed the use of bright colors and the borders.



  • Rooster slide show (Powerpoint)
  • White scrap paper for practice drawing
  • Colored construction paper for the background (black, tan, yellow, blue, red, orange, brown)
  • Cut strips from contrasting colors of paper for the border
  • Rooster pictures
  • Colored chalk
  • Oil pastels
  • Crayons


  1. On scrap paper, we started out with a simple rooster figure. Start with a half circle (bottom half) with a line across the diameter. Then add a triangle shape straight up from the breast, to a peak at the comb, and then back to the middle of the body of the rooster. Add a comb, tall tail feathers, wings, thighs, legs and feet.  Add a beak and a waddle. Use this as a starting point, fill out the figure with feathers.
  2. With a rooster picture as a guide, choose a background and draw a large rooster.
  3. Choose oil pastels or crayons to color your picture. This will give you bright and cheerful colors.
  4. Add a border.

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