Tissue Painted Landscape

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Painting with tissue paper is so much fun, that I just had to add another project using the method. I find these landscape paintings unbelievably beautiful considering their simplicity.


  • White construction paper
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Paper towels
  • Water and container
  • Paint brush
  • Iron
  • Assorted colors of 12″ x 18″ construction paper


  1. Lay paper towels under the white construction paper.
  2. Tear pieces of blue tissue paper, lay them on the top edge of the white paper and brush water over the tissue paper. Pick up the tissue paper and discard. Add more pieces of blue paper until you have a cloudy sky appearance.
  3. Use different colors of torn tissue paper, overlapping the color above it, and use the method above to continue down to the bottom of the page. It’s interesting to see how different each landscape is.
  4. Using the paper towel to move the painting, partially dry the picture with the iron. When the picture is completely dry, re-press it with the iron.
  5. Choose a colored background paper and glue the painting to it.

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