Winter Silence

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 winter silence-3The weather is cold and it’s been snowing. Even though I don’t particularly like cold weather, I do appreciate the quiet and beauty of falling snow.  This art project is simple and I expect to see a wide variety of interpretations of the directions. I like using silhouettes because the images don’t have to be perfect. A little blob with long ears does look like a bunny in silhouette. So the kids don’t have to fear drawing images. An oval body with a small egg shaped head and long thin legs, becomes a deer by adding antlers. No one knows for sure the direction the deer is standing in silhouette. Even the sizes of images are somewhat forgiving in silhouette, because larger images just appear closer and smaller images further away.
I think this will be an interesting and fun art project.


  • Construction paper, white and black
  • Pencil, scissors, glue
  • Iridescent glue or white glue and iridescent glitter
  • White paint and an old tooth brush

1. Tear two narrow strips from the two long edges of the white construction paper. Tear one of the strips a bit wider than the other.
2. Trace a circle (about 2 ¼”) on the white paper. Crush the paper, and then cut out the circle.
3. One the second sheet of white paper, draw trees, very small animals, snowmen, kids playing, etc. Don’t worry about the pencil marks, because after you cut out the images you’ll use the reverse side of your image for your art.
4. Cut out the trees and images.
5. Arrange the torn strips across the bottom of the black sheet of construction paper. The narrower strip in front of the wider one. This is the snow.
6. Place the trees on the on snow, arranging them so some look distant. Change the arrangement of the trees around until you get the look that you like.
7. Place the animals, snowmen, etc on your art. Don’t try to fill the paper up. Three to five images should be the limit. If the images appear too large, re-draw to a smaller size. These images don’t have to be exact, just near enough so you can recognize what it is. Silhouettes are very forgiving.
8. Place the moon in the sky. When you are satisfied with the arrangement of your pieces, glue them down. The pieces don’t have to be glued down completely, the loose look makes the scene more believable.
9. Put a thin, narrow line of white glue across the tops of the snow drifts and sprinkle with iridescent glitter. Add glitter in the same way to the branches of the trees and to the wrinkles and around the outside of the moon.
10. Thin a small amount of white craft or poster paint with water. Use the tooth brush to flick the paint onto the art. Practice into the sink first so you know how the paint will spatter.

11. Write a few words to explain the art. Type or print on a label and adhere to the art.

winter silence-1


Example of poem:

Softly drifting snow,
Frosts the rolling hills,
While deer watch.
The world sleeps.


This is the art glued onto 12″ x 18″ white construction paper.

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