Abstract Dandelions

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abstract dandelions 4eI saw an acrylic painting, called “Abstract Dandelion,” by an artist who sells her paintings on an Etsy site at  M.Schöneberg.  This painting made me wonder what everyday item could be used to make the finely grouped lines needed to paint the dandelion seed head. Although it would be nice to be able to copy each tiny seed parachutes that make up the seed head, there just isn’t time in an hour art class. Since abstract means that it doesn’t really exist, but gives an idea of what we are trying to convey, I think my solution for painting a dandelion using a steel dish scrubber fits the “abstract” distinction. This was a really easy art project that I think the kids will enjoy.

• White construction paper or watercolor paper
• Colored chalk
• Kleenex
• Hair spray or sealer
• Black Sharpie marker
• Steel pot scrubber (these can be cut, with an old scissors, into two or three pieces)
• Craft or poster paints
• Paper plate to hold craft or poster paint
• Water to rinse scrubber and paper towels


rising moon d1
1. Use colored chalk to make an interesting background for your painting. Follow the directions given for the background used in the Spectacular SuperMoon project. Use chalk colors of your choice. Wipe excess chalk off the paper with a Kleenex. Spray the chalk background with hair spray or sealer. Let dry. (This doesn’t take long to dry.)

abstract dandelions 22. With the black Sharpie, make stems for dandelions on the background.
3. Choose three or four paint colors, plus white and black. Place a puddle of each color on a paper plate. Start with the lightest color, dip the scrubber into the puddle of paint, pounce it a couple of times on the paper plate and then pounce on the background sheet.

abstract dandelions 4

4. Rinse the scrubber with clear water and blot dry abstract dandelions 4ebefore changing colors.  This first example is without the added white dots over the completed art.

5. This example to the right shows the added white dots.

abstract dandelions c5. Have fun making your field of abstract dandelions.

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