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Imagine walking in a distant, winter dried forest.  Suddenly a flash of color catches your eye and as you turn to see what it is, you see a cardinal light on a bare bush.  The beauty of the red bird, in contrast to the stark surroundings, burns the image into your memory. 

In this project, “Red Bird,” we’ll attempt to recreate the moment.



  • Black construction paper
  • Masking tape
  • Crayon, brown or a shade of brown
  • White chalk
  • Kleenex
  • Black Sharpie
  • White construction paper
  • Cardinal (How to Draw a Cardinal)
  • Red crayon or marker
  • Glue stick
  • White craft or poster paint
  • Old tooth brush


red bird 1


1.  Tear strips of masking tape and adhere them to the black construction paper.  Use the width of the tape for the trunks of the trees, and tear the strips in narrower pieces for the branches.  Allow the tape to run off the paper.



red bird 2


2.  With the brown crayon, draw tree trunks and branches to signify trees at a distance.  Color right over the tape and fill in the drawn tree trunks and branches.




red bird 3


3.  With the side of the white chalk, completely cover the black page with chalk, making sure to chalk right up to the pieces of tape and over the brown colored trees.




red bird 4


4.  With a Kleenex, lightly wipe the chalk from the paper.





red bird 5


5.  Carefully pull the tape from the black construction paper.





red bird 6


6.  With the Kleenex, lightly wipe over the paper again.  You can now see the brown trees in the back and black trees to the front.




red bird 7

7.  With the black Sharpie, make outline the black trees with solid lines.  With broken lines, outline the brown background trees.  Do not draw these broken lines through the black tree trunks or branches.

8.  With the black Sharpie, draw a bare bush with stems coming from the bottom and right side of the paper.



9.  Draw and color an image of a cardinal.  Drawing help is included in the supplies list.

10.  Carefully cut out the cardinal and glue it to a branch of the bush.

red bird a


If you want the look of falling snow, dilute a small amount of white paint with a little water, and using an old tooth brush, spatter paint the picture either before or after gluing on the cardinal.




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