Stormy Weather

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This has become one of our favorite art projects. It’s always amazing to see how realistic the storm looks. The actual pictures show more detail than these examples show.


  • Lavendar construction paper
  • Black crayon
  • White Crayon
  • Colored chalk
  • Kleenex
  • Hairspray


  1. With black crayon, color a skyline of city buildings at the bottom of the lavendar paper. Color deeply to blacken the silhouette. Add windows shapes with white or yellow crayon.
  2. Completely cover above the city with white chalk. Use the side of the chalk—-it goes faster.
  3. Wipe the dust off with Kleenex (wipe horizontally)
  4. Cover the white with purple and red chalk. Wipe with Kleenex, making the swipes horizontally.
  5. With black chalk, cover the top third of the picture, and also a strip of black between the top third and the city skyline.
  6. This time wipe the chalk dust off with a circular motion.
  7. Using white chalk and with a circular motion, color above the cloud bank. Add a little red over the white, also using a circular motion. Wipe with Kleenex, in a circular motion.
  8. On the middle cloud bank, add circular white edges (top of the clouds)
  9. Using the edge of the white chalk—-make lightening strikes above and below the middle cloud bank. You may have to break the chalk to get a sharp edge. Also could use yellow or red strikes.
  10. Spray the completed picture with hair spray to set the chalk.

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