The Dog, The Cat and the Panther

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We use the Henri Matisse collage, “The Horse, the Rider and the Clown,” as our inspiration for this project. On the website, is information about how Matisse found his way to, as he called it, “painting with scissors.”


  • Examples of Henri Matisse’s collages (Sheet) 
  • Henri Matisse collage technique (Sheet)
  • 9″ x 12″ white scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Colored construction paper (for background)
  • Scrap pieces of colored construction paper
  • Glue

Our Title: ” The Dog, The Cat and the Panther”


Look at some of Henri Matisse’s collage art and discuss his collage technique. Show a picture of his collage, “The Horse, His Rider and the Clown.” This is the picture we will imitate. In The Horse, the Rider, and the Clown the horse is the only distinct figure; the equestrienne is implied by her fan-shaped skirt, overlapping the horse’s flank, and the clown by his vibrant costume in green, black, and yellow.

  1. On a scrap piece of paper, draw a simple scene. Make a border around your picture. Only the profile shapes will be cut out, so keep the shapes simple. Don’t draw in eyes, etc. For this project, in which we are imitating Henri Matisse’s “The Horse, The Rider and the Clown,” we want to include at least one animal—more if you want.
  2. Glue a border around your background colored construction paper.
  3. Laying your drawn picture over the color of paper that you want to use, cut the shape. First cut the animal and then change the color of construction paper, lay the drawing over the paper and cut out the next shape. Continue until all the shapes are cut.
  4. Start laying the shapes on your bordered background paper. Glue the pieces down copying your drawn picture.
  5. Name your art.


  1. One Cloudy Day
  2. The Summer Time Animals
  3. What’s Up Fellow Dinosaur?
  4. The Monkey, The Rhino, The Ant and The Aardvark
  5. The Moose, The Dog and the Tree
  6. Cat’s Dream
  7. Zoo Avenue

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