Silhouette on Transparency

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These are beautiful enough to frame. I chose a picture from a calendar featuring birds, but other pictures will work as well. Before starting your project look carefully at your picture and make up your mind about what in the picture you are going to silhouette, and what you want to leave out. Notice on my example that I didn’t include all the birds or the fence posts. Also some of the thistles were left out. You want your background to show.


  • Transparency film for copiers
  • Calendar pictures
  • Black Sharpies
  • White paper
  • Colored chalk
  • Black electrical tape
  • Kleenex
  • Pencil and ruler


  1. With tiny pieces of tape, tape the transparency film over the calendar picture, so the film sheet can’t shift.
  2. With the black Sharpie, outline and fill in where needed. Take your time, some places it will work better to fill in with tiny circles, and sometimes long strokes work best. Keep in mind how much you want to include in your silhouette. Set aside.
  3. From your colored chalks, choose the colors you want in your background. On the white paper, using the side of the chalk, run strips of color across the paper. Clean off excess with the Kleenex.  You  may have to go over with the chalk again if you want the colors to be darker. Finish by wiping off excess.
  4. Lay your silhouette onto the background and, using tiny pieces of tape, tape the film sheet to the background sheet.
  5. On the backside of your project, measure in 1/4″ on all sides and draw lines so you have a 1/4″ margin all around.
  6. With the black electrical tape, tape the full length or width (don’t stretch the tape) and with one edge along the 1/4″ line, adhere the tape to the back of the project.Do one side at a time. Each time turn the project over and bringing the edge of the tape to the front, press the tape in place. Do all sides like the first.

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  1. GlitterQueen says:

    Thanks for your nice comment. Please come back often. I would be very pleased to have you pin this, or any other of the projects on this blog, to Pinterest. You’ve made my day!! Loraine

  2. Pam says:

    How have I missed your site? I like a lot of your projects and this one is so cool! My classes will really enjoy it! Can I pin it on pinterest? Thanks so much for sharing!

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