Fall Leaves

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On a crisp, fall morning you see frost covered leaves floating gently to the ground. We don’t have frost, but we have glitter to reproduce the sparkly, colorful shower of leaves.

The pattern included in this project is Cricut friendly. The program used is Sure Cuts A Lot (Lot 2). The Cricut will cut the pattern pieces for you or you can make copies of the pattern on cardstock and cut them.


 Sure Cuts A Lot 2, or the newest version 3, is not compatible with the newer Cricut machines. So if you want to use the Sure Cuts A Lot 1 or 2, or the version 3, which is the newest version, you will need a cutting machine which will use the SCAL software. Please check my home page for more info.


  • White construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Leaf stencils (Pattern)
  • Colored chalk
  • Oil pastels
  • Q-tips
  • Kleenex
  • Black Sharpie
  • Glitter glue (gold, red, green, purple, silver)


  1. Using the leaf stencil, draw 5 or 7 leaves (some overlapping and some partially off the page.)
  2. With oil pastels, color in the leaves, mixing colors, blending with your finger or a Q-tip.
  3. With colored chalk, fill the background with color. Wipe off excess dust with a Kleenex.
  4. Outline the leaves and draw in viens with the black Sharpie.
  5. Trace over the black leaf outlines and viens with glitter glue.

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