Amazing Kaleidoscope

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The kids are going to love this—and so are you. When you look at a light and turn the kaleidoscope you will be amazed at how beautiful this project is. It’s also very easy and a lot of fun. I wish there was a way I could show you the view through the kaleidoscope. I just know you would want to do this project if you could see the view.


  • Paper towel roll (cut to 8″ length) 
  • Transparency film (One piece cut 8″x4″ and one piece cut 8″x 4 ¼”) 
  • Black construction paper (cut 4″x4″)
  • Colored construction paper of your choice ( cut 8″x 6 ½”)
  • Clear plastic wrap (cut 4″x4″) (like Glad Cling Wrap)
  • Clear tape
  • Masking tape
  • Colored permanent markers
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Clear nail polish (optional)
  • Colored glitter (optional)


  1. Mark the 8″x4″ transparency film, along the short side, 1¼”; 1¼”; 1¼”;  ¼”. (Measuring image)
  2. Mark the 8″x4 ¼” film, along the short side, 1 3/8″; 1 3/8″;  1 3/8″;  ¼”.

Click on image for full view.

  1. Fold along each of the lines drawn and, with pressure, run the edge of a marker along the fold.  This will make the transparency film hold the creases and form a triangular shape. The ¼” strip goes to the outside and is taped down with the clear tape. Do both of the film pieces this way.


  1. Slide the triangle made from the 8″x4″ piece of film inside the triangle made from the 8″x4 ¼” piece.
  2. Slide the double triangle into the center of the paper towel roll and, with pieces of clear tape, tape the top edge of the triangle to the top edge of the paper towel roll.  Do the same thing to the bottom of the triangle and the bottom of the paper towel roll.
  3. Place one end of the paper towel roll on the 4″x 4″ piece of black construction paper and draw around the circle end. Cut about a half inch on the outside of the circle drawn. Then make slits from the outside edge to the drawn circle. Make the slits about a half inch apart. Fold down all the tabs made.

  1. Fit the circle to one end of the paper towel roll with the tabs on the outside of the roll and overlapping each other so they all lay flat. Tape the overlapped tabs to the roll with the masking tape. Poke a hole in the center of the black circle.

  1. On the 4″x 4″ piece of clear plastic wrap, color the wrap with the colored markers. Place the colored plastic wrap over the opposite end of the paper towel roll, shape it around the roll, and tape down with the masking tape.
  2. Cover the outside of the kaleidoscope with the 8″x6 ½” piece of colored paper and decorate in whatever manner you choose. I used clear nail polish to make designs and sprinkled on gold glitter.

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