Cows, Chickens and a Cat

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We started our class showing a PowerPoint presentation of Rob Scotton’s art. This is the first year that the first, second and third grades are able to view art using PowerPoint, so they were really excited with this new experience. They loved looking at the art of Rob Scotton and were happy to try to imitate his art. The main reasons for this lesson was to stress; drawing to fill the page and perspective. I really think the results of this lesson are impressive. Rob Scotton is the author and illustrator of “Splat the Cat,” and “Russell the Sheep” books for kids. Check out his website at


  • Art of Rob Scotton (PowerPoint)
  • Art of Rob Scotton (Images)
  • White drawing paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Crayons


  1. View the PowerPoint presentation and discuss perspective and drawing to fill the page.
  2. Give a copy of an image of Rob’s art to each student.
  3. Draw your version of the image you are imitating
  4. Color your drawing, staying as close to the color of the original art as possible.

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