Talking Weather

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A grey overcast sky, snowflakes and a sun trying desperately to shine are conditions that inspire conversation.  We can imagine that humans aren’t the only ones talking about the weather.  In this art project we try to picture birds wondering how long it will be before the snow stops and the sun shines.

Using a ruler to make the frame for our project is important, and a good lesson for the class.


  • Construction paper: Black, white
  • Scraps of white paper
  • Black chalk
  • Kleenex
  • Ruler
  • Birds (Pattern)
  • White charcoal pencil
  • Paper punch
  • Glue stick
  • White glue
  • Iridescent or silver glitter

1.  With the black chalk, cover the white sheet of construction paper with a light coat of color.  Use the side of the chalk, stroking across the paper.  Wipe over the chalk with the Kleenex to blend and lighten the chalk.

2.  On the backside of a black sheet of construction paper:  Measure in from all sides of the black construction paper, to make a one inch frame.  Using a white charcoal pencil makes seeing the lines easy.  Draw a branch across the sheet making sure the branch reaches all the way across and is attached on both sides.

3. Carefully cut inside the frame drawn on the black paper, leaving the ends of the branches attached to the frame.  With the paper punch, punch three holes in the corners of the frame.  Turn the frame to the right side and glue it to the chalked white paper.

4.  Draw three birds on black construction paper, cut them out  and glue them on the tree branch.  (If you prefer,  print out the bird pattern on black construction paper.  You can print on black construction paper by tracing over the lines on the pattern with green marker.)  Cut a two inch circle from white paper and glue to the picture background.

5.  With white glue apply a number of small dots in the sky areas for snow flakes.  Sprinkle with glitter.  Draw a few narrow lines of white glue on one side of the sun and along the branch.  Sprinkle with glitter.

Optional:  Cut a few leaves from black paper and attach to the branch.

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