Calendar Paper Weaving

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This is a very nice project, one I would suggest for the upper elementary grades. We are blessed in getting lots of used calendars and are always looking for new ideas to use them in. We also used wallpaper pages (a furniture store in town gives us as many retired wallpaper books as we want.) The series of yarn (paper strips) extending lengthwise in a loom is called the warp. The series of yarn (paper strips) extending widthwise is called the woof.


  • Calendar pictures
  • Wall paper pages
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks 


  1. Fold the calendar picture in half. With the pencil and ruler, measure in and draw a line one inch from the open end of the folded picture.
  2. From the folded edge of the picture, cut irregular cuts across the picture to the line on the open end. Do not cut past the drawn line. The irregular cuts make for a more interesting project. Unfold and lay the calendar picture flat. This serves as the “warp” of the loom.
  3. Cut one inch wide strips from the wallpaper page. These strips should be straight. These will serve as the “woof.”
  4. Weave one “woof strip” over one “warp strip” then under the next “warp strip”; continue weaving over and under, across the loom.
  5. Continue this process alternating over and under with each woof  strip, filling the loom.
  6. On the back side, glue the ends of the woof strips so they are hidden behind the frame of the loom.

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