Sittin Chicken

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sittin-chicken This is a lesson on learning to use a pattern. Make copies of the pattern on card stock and cut them.  Make one set of pattern pieces per student.


  • Blue construction paper for background
  • ½ Sheet of brown construction paper
  • Sittin Chicken pattern pieces (Pattern)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Assorted colors of construction paper scraps
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Tape


  1. Tear ¼” from the short sides of the brown half sheet. Roll the paper into a branch shape and tape the back closed.
  2. Glue the branch to the background sheet, about 3 inches up from the bottom.
  3. Trace the pattern pieces onto the colored scrap paper. Note: Some of the pieces will have to be turned over and traced a second time.
  4. Cut out the chicken parts. The comb will be glued to the back of the head before the body is glued to the background, above the branch.
  5. Glue the wings on the chicken; glue the legs and feet to the front of the branch. Glue the beak on the face.
  6. With the black marker, draw eyes. Or cut them out of paper.
  7. On scrap paper, freehand draw leaves, flowers, a sun, grass, clouds, buttons, a hat, necktie, beads, or stars, whatever you want to make your project unique.

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