Little Snowy Owl

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The night looks chilly where this snowy owl perches on a leafless limb. A step by “how to draw an owl,” is included with this project. Simple and easy.


  • Black construction paper
  • Step-by-step owl drawing (Pattern)
  • Scrap paper for practice
  • Oil pastels


  1. Practice drawing a couple of owls on the scrap paper. Don’t spend too much time on practice.
  2. Lightly draw a bare branch three fourths of the way across the bottom third of the black paper.
  3. Draw an owl on the branch. Draw a moon and stars in the night sky.
  4. Color in the owl shape with white oil pastel. If the strokes of white pastel go with the direction of the wings, it is easier to know where to add the black lines outlining the wings.
  5. Color the eye yellow and the pupil black. Add a stroke of white in the pupil. Color the beak yellow.
  6. With the edge of the black pastel, outline the eyes and wings. Add shaped feathers on the head, wings, body and feet.
  7. Color the moon yellow and the stars white. Make some yellow rays off the moon.

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    I love it

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