Owl Valentine Card

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Check out this cute little owl card.  It’s very easy to make so you’ll probably want to make a few of these at a time.  The samples I’ve made are for Valentine’s Day, but the cards could easily send a birthday, get-well, graduation, or anniversary message.


  • Brown, tan, white, navy construction paper
  • Pink, red, lavender construction paper
  • Owl (Pattern)
  • Owl eyes (Pattern)
  • Owl front (Pattern)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Black Sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • 1” Google eyes (optional)
  • Glitter glue (optional)


  1. Copy the owl pattern on brown, tan, white or navy paper
  2. Copy the owl eyes on white paper
  3. Copy the owl front on pink, red, or lavender paper
  4. Cut out the owl, owl front and eyes.  With the ruler as a guide, run a dull pencil over the dotted lines across the top of the owl.  Fold the top down toward the owl.  This forms the ears and beak of the owl.
  5. Glue the belly circle on the owl, using the dotted lines as a guide.
  6. Fold the beak piece down over the circle and glue.  Glue the eyes over the turned down piece, using the dotted lines as a guide.
  7. Write a Valentine message on the owl front.  (Below are some suggestions or make up your own.)  Also add hearts and flowers around your message.
  8. Optional:  Using glitter glue, outline the words, hearts and the eyes. Fill the eye pupil with glitter.

Valentine message suggestions:

Owl Be Yours

Owl Always Love You

You’re a Hoot

Give a Hoot

Whooo…Loves You

You’re Owl Right

Whooo’s Cool

Owl’s Rock

Owl Be Seein’ Ya

Be Wise

Who’s Whooo?

Whooo, Me?

Wise As An Owl

Flappy Valentine

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