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sweet tweets-1Whether making these for Valentine’s Day, or to celebrate the coming of spring, you and the kids are going to have so much fun making these little “sweet tweet” birds.

These birdies are simple to make using plastic spoons, wooden doll pins and a wooden heart (or large button) to make the birdie stand.

Paint, google eyes and feathers make the birds colorful and unique.
Very easy to make, paint and decorate.
Consider using the birdies as puppets.

sweet tweets-spoons, pins and heartsSupplies:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Wooden doll pins
  • Wooden hearts or large buttons
  • Craft paints and brushes
  • Black Sharpie
  • Hot glue or white glue
  • Colored feathers
  • Google eyes
  • Narrow ribbon



sweet tweets-glue on spoon

sweet tweets-standing spoon

1. Run a line of glue along the back side of the spoon handle. Place the doll pin, with the bottom of the doll pin even with the end of the spoon handle.  The open edges of the doll pin should be toward the sides. Then apply glue to the bottom of the doll pin, place and glue to the pointed end of the wooden heart.

sweet tweets-painted head and bodysweet tweets-painted head body and feet

2. Paint the head and body of the bird, until about two thirds down the doll pin. The bottom third of the doll pin and the heart shape is painted as the bird’s legs.

sweet tweets-8

sweet tweets-7

3. Glue goggle eyes in place. Paint a sideways heart shape in the center of the spoon head to make the bird’s beak.
4. Using the black Sharpie, draw a line across the top of the bird legs and down to the feet. Draw lines in the legs and give the feet claws. Outline the beak and add eyebrows.
5. Decorate the bird body with lines, dots, hearts, etc.
6. Place a small amount of glue along the doll pin slit and then slide the end of a feather into the slit. Do this on each side of the birdie. Glue a feather to the back side of the head to make the birdie comb. Refer to the pictures.
7. Add tiny bows at the birdie’s neck.

sweet tweets-all together

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