Bee Valentine Fold Card

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What could be cuter than these four little fold-card Valentines that feature little bumble-bees and flowers. They are very easy to make. I used colored pencils, but I think watercolor pencils would work great.


  • White cardstock or construction paper
  • Bee Valentine 1 (Pattern)
  • Bee Valentine 2 (Pattern)
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Color the pictures with colored pencils.
  2. Cut along solid lines. Fold, at the dotted lines, toward the picture; then refold toward the back. Run a ruler along the crease to get a sharp crease. Turn in one short side, then a long side, then a short side and finish by tucking the corner of the last long side under the beginning short side. Envelope made.
  3. Write: To: and From: on the front of the envelope.

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2 Responses to Bee Valentine Fold Card

  1. GlitterQueen says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Linda. I agree, the “Love You to Pieces” project could be used for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents Day also.

  2. Great ideas for my Church kids to do. Not only for Valentines day but also I like the “Love You To Pieces” for Mothers Day.

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