Milk Carton Pumpkins

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One thing teachers can easily get ahold of is 1/2 pint milk cartons. Here is a project that’s easy and a way to send lots of empty milk cartons home. What kid wouldn’t want to make a passel of these. There’s always room for a few little extra Halloween decorations in the home or at school. And once you start making them you can think of lots of different ways to decorate them. Google eyes, long accordian pleated legs, etc.


  • ½ pint milk carton or other small box
  • 6″ x 10″ orange construction paper or Halloween scrapbooking paper 
  • ½ piece of brown or green pipe cleaner 
  • Scraps of green paper
  • Glue stick
  • Black Sharpie


  1. Open the top of the milk carton, cut the corners down to the container area, fold the bent sides in first, then the flat sides. Tape closed.
  2. Center the carton on the 6″ x 10″ sheet with one side even with the edge, make a deep fold on each corner. Glue the overlap. Cut the extending paper to the carton, top and bottom and glue.
  3. Make a loop on one end of the pipe cleaner piece to form a stem. Fold up the short end ¼” and shape the long end into a tendril by curling it around a pencil. Glue the short end by the stem to the top of the box with hot glue.
  4. Draw a leaf on green scrap paper, cut it out and glue it to the stem.
  5. Draw a face on one side of the cube. Or take scraps of paper and make a face to glue on.

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